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Kate Derbyshire Artist CV
58 Prospect Drive,

Tel: 02920 659147
07946 424891
June 1998 ongoing

Community Visual Artist

I work with different groups in the community on specific arts projects. The majority of my work involves children either in school or out. This type of work I was introduced to at Llanover Hall Arts Centre in Cardiff. I work with alot of different materials including ceramics, mosaic, glass, willow, wire, paper and paint. The time available for each project sets the limit on the scale we are able to work to. This work I sometimes do on a self-employed basis but at other times for various organisations such as Llanover Hall, Cardiff Arts in Education and the Washington Galleries outreach programme.

Projects & New Work:

Feb 2005 - Mar 2005

Latch, Children's Hospital for Wales

A large commission 7ft * 24ft for the Welsh children's cancer charity, in mosaic with etched and engraved glass details. Ceramic elements were designed and made by the children of Peter Lea Primary School.
Feb 2005

Lliswerry Infant School, Newport

A square ceramic entrance sign with cut outs, incorporates the school mission statement.
Jan 2005

Lliswerry Junior School, Newport

A whole school mosaic project. The design is an 8ft circle boken up into spiraling quarters each with a separate religious festival theme.
Nov 2004 - Dec 2004

St Joseph's R.C. Primary School

A large external ceramic piece was created by all the children in the school, its theme was the life of St.Francis.
Oct 2004 - Nov 2004

A Saints Primary School, Cardiff

A large mosaic of the Creation, made by all the children in the juniors.
Sept 2004 - Oct 2004

Communitys First, Garnlydan

A project to improve the look of a row of shops. Working with the local school and the wider community we created 28 linked ceramic pieces that have been cemented onto the shop fronts.
Sept 2004

Barry Island Primary School

A short ceramic and painted project with the reception class.
Sept 2004

All Saints Primary School, Cardiff

A ceramic sign of the school's new mission statement made by the children from all the different classes in the school.
July 2004

Lliswerry Infants School, Newport

A ceramic and mosaic mirror piece based on the childrens environment.
May 2004 - June 2004

Peter Lea Primary School, Cardiff

A large mosaic project for the whole of the juniors based on different parts of the world. And a large ceramic piece for the nursery and infants based on the school and surrounding community.
April 2004 - May 2004

Barry Island Primary School, Barry

A mixed project for the whole school incorporating ceramic mosaic mural painting and stained glass.
March 2004

Ysgol-Yr-Wern, Cardiff

A giant corridor. Year 5 and 6 helped design and make large wire framed papier mache heads. These were then attached to a wall which the group had painted with the bodies of the giants of Wales.
March 2004

Ton-Yr-Ywen, Cardiff

A substantial mosaic to frame a doorway in the main entrance of the school. To be made by the upper juniors.
Feb 2004

Lliswerry Infants School, Newport

2 Mosaics for the main entrance hall made by year 2.
Dec 2003

Penarth Community Arts Festival, Penarth

Working with a group of artists making lanterns with children for a lantern parade.
Nov 2003 - Jan 2004

Barry Island Primary School, Barry

3 large mosaics with ceramic elements that involved the whole school from nursery to year 6. The design is based on the history of the island which the children were introduced to by the historical society who came in to the school to talk to the children.
Nov 2003 - Dec 2003

Phoenix Center, Cardiff

A 3ft * 4ft mosaic based on a phoenix rising from ashes by the residents of one of the organising community houses and their carers.
Sept 2003 - Oct 2003

Colcot Primary School, Barry

A large mosaic based on Barry seaside life at the turn of the century, made by the upper juniors. The nursery and year 1 children made a circular ceramic relief mural based on the children's drawings of their homes and different types of fish.
April 2003 - Aug 2003

Maes Glas Primary School, Newport

Painted mural 75 metres long, 1.5 metres high. Working primarily with all the children in the school but also parents, friends and staff.
March 2003

Caerau Nursery School, Cardiff

A ceramic standing relief sculpture to be made by the children and staff of the nursery.
Nov 2002 - April 2003

St David's Hospital, Cardiff

Ceramic refief mural 3 metres by 4 metres. Working with the patients, staff and school children from the local area.
Nov 2002

Penarth Lantern Festival

Weekends working as part of a team making willow and tissue lanterns with children and families for a breathtaking parade/spectacle.
Nov 2002 - Feb 2003

Mind in the Vale, Llantwit Major

A series of half day workshops, designed to meet the needs of the client group. Mosaic, stained glass and glass painting were incorporated.
Dec 2002

Maes Glas Primary School, Newport

A small oval mosaic to welcome visitors to the school made by year 5 pupils.
Aug 2002

Penarth Summer Festival

An enjoyable week spent making lanterns in the shape of bugs and butterflies with children as part of the larger project.
July 2002

St Andrews Primary School, Dinas Powys

Festival fun making wire and tissue bugs with the children from the school and others from visiting schools.
Oct 2001 - March 2002

Llandaff Church in Wales Primary School, Cardiff

A project with the upper school making a flowing interlocking mosaic of the creation in 8 sections. A second project for the infants was based on Noah's Ark and was made in ceramic relief.
Jan 2002 - Feb 2002

Ysgol y Wern, Cardiff

A ceramic wall relief based on Welsh children's stories made by reception, years 1 and 2.
Nov 2001 - Dec 2001

Maes Glas Primary School, Newport

A ceramic wall relief with the infants and 2 large mosaics with the juniors.
Oct 2001

St Helens Primary School, Barry

A pair of ceramic wall reliefs to decorate the school gates.
July 2001 - Sept 2001

Cwrt yr Alla Primary School, Barry

A large mosaic 2 metres high by 8 metres long with a fishy theme.
June 2001 - July 2001

Croesty Primary School, Pencoed

Three mosaics with ceramic figures made by the lower juniors incorporated.
June 2001

Coed Glas Primary School, Cardiff

Large flowing mosaic.
Jan 2001 - April 2001

Ysgol y Wern, Cardiff

4 large mosaics based on tales from the Mabinogion.
Feb 2001 - Mar 2001

Fairwater Primary School, Cardiff

A group of 4 large mosaics based on the seasons.
Jan 2001 - Feb 2001

St Pauls Primary School, Cardiff

A ceramic wall relief depicting Jesus as the fisher of men, whole school involved.
Dec 2000

Lansdowne Primary School, Cardiff

Some small pieces of ceramic and a mosaic.
Nov 2000

St Patrick's Primary School, Cardiff

Ceramic project.
Oct 2000

Coed y Gore Primary School

Mosaic project.
July 2000

Pencoed Secondary School

Short mosaic project.
July 2000

Kitchener Primary School, Cardiff

4 ceramic relief panels.
June 2000 - July 2000

St Pauls Primary School, Cardiff

Large multi-piece mosaic with a religious theme.
June 2000

Thornhill Primary School, Cardiff

A set of four large mosaics based on tales from the Mabinogion.
May 2000

Christ's College, Brecon

Large irregular flowing shaped mosaic.
April 2000

Littlefolk Nursery, Cardiff

Mosaic with hand made ceramic elements to advertise the nursery made by the attending children.
March 2000

Pentrebane Primary School, Cardiff

Very long thin mosaic to brighten up a stairwell.
Oct 1999

Cefn Onn Primary School, Cardiff

A large mosaic with ceramic hand made elements.
July 1998

Kitchener Primary School, Cardiff

A pair of mosaics based on fun in the play ground wet and dry.
May 1997 - Dec 2003

Llanover Hall Arts Centre, Cardiff

In 1997 I started work as a ceramic technician, then went on to become the ceramic room manager and part of the teaching staff. I was involved in the outreach programme and set p several new classes in the centre before I left.
Mar 1993 - May 1997


I stopped full time work in March 1993 for the birth of my daughter Harriet. My son Sam was born 2 years later. During this period and for the next two years I had various part time jobs, to give me time off from being mum.
June 1989 - Mar 1993

Lears Bookshop

I worked as a window dresser and in store display coordinator.
Sept 1987 - June 1993

Randall Cox

I managed the art department and ran the gallery.

Full Time Education:

Sept 1984 - June 1987 BA (Hons) Three Dimensional Design 2.1
South Glamorgan Institute of Higher Education,
Faculty of Art and Design,
Howard Gardens,
Sept 1983 - June 1984 Foundation Course in Art and Design
Yeovil School of Art,
Sept 1981 - June 1983 Art (A Level) 'E'
Human Biology (A Level) 'D'
Pottery (O Level) 'C'
Engish Language (O Level) 'C'

Bridgewater College,
Sept 1977 - June 1981 Art (O Level) 'C'
Biology (O Level) 'B'
English Literature (O Level) 'C'
Geography (O Level) 'C'
Mathematics (CSE) '1'

Le Retraite,
Burnham on Sea,

Part Time Education:

August 2004 Craft in the Bay
Fused glass course.
Sept 2002 - July 2003 Severn road Adult Centre
Welsh beginners class.
July 2002 Llanover Hall Arts Centre
Kiln glass course.
July 2002 Oreil Canfas Gallery
Printing course.
April 2000 - June 2000 Cardiff Adult Education Agency
Artist in Education.
Sept 1999 - April 2000 Howardian Adult Education Centre
Stained glass course.
Sept 1998 - Dec 1998 Llanover Hall Arts Centre
Absolute beginners Computing course.
Jan 1998 - April 1998 The Friary Network
Initial Certificate in Informal Adult education stage 1.